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    3. Hunan CHINASUN pharmaceutical machinery CO.,Ltd.

      Infusion production line

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      • Plastic Ampoule Blow-Fill-Seal Monoblock Machine
      • Fully Automatic Light Inspecting Machine
      • Inverted Vertical soft bag one-step bottle blowing machines
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      SRD series soft bag infusion production line

      • Introduction
      • Specs
      • Samples
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      ● Performance characteristics
      The structure is compact, covers an area of small, reduce the clean workshop area, reduce the energy consumption of the air clean.
      The continuous tension membrane technology, reduce bag location take time, bag making high efficiency.
      Bag width can be adjusted, reduce the convenient with film quantity, save costs and bag type is more beautiful.
      Main transmission motor and long stroke cylinder servo institutions, smooth operation, good reliability, small impact improve production ability.
      In front of a group of forming an excuse, preheat preheat institutions interface, it is suitable for the full thermal bonding different manufacturer film and the interface between the welding forming, ensure that leak bag rate is extremely low.
      Forming institution is approved by the optimization design improve the welding stations speed.
      Bag relay in surface of the interface are no longer with parts contact, to eliminate the visible foreign matter production.
      The overall design of the desktop machine, be in place convenient, debugging time is short, easy to clean.
      Model ItemSRD2500SRD3800SRD5000SRD7500SRD10000
      Max Production Capacity(b/h)250038005000750010000
      Bag-making number each time23468
      Filling and sealing number each time234616
      Electric capacity(kw/v/Hz)25/380/5028/380/5032/380/5043/380/5060/380/50
      (0.6Mpa)dry,oil-free compressed air consumption(L/min)20003000400050005500
      (0.4Mpa)clean air consumotion(L/min)8001200150020002000
      Cooling water consumption15-20℃300L/h
      Filling drug solutionT≤50℃0.1-0.2Mpa
      Bag making filmNon-PVC double layer flat film Film thickness:190±20um
      Film canister sizeInner diameter:Ø150; outer diamerer of film canister≤Ø600
      Bag making shapeSingle tube, heat welding sealing
      Printing MethodHeat transferring printing or intelligent foil printing, bar-code printingHeat transferring printing
      The inner diameter for ribbon canisterØ76
      Main mater304 stainless steel.The contact part with drug solution is 316L,which conforms to required material of GMP
      Specification50ml、100ml、250ml、500ml、1000ml100ml、250ml、500ml50ml、 100ml、 250ml
      Overall dimension(L×W×H)7650×2335×25006100×2880×21409600×2250×24008400×2880×21403200×2880×2140
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