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    3. Hunan CHINASUN pharmaceutical machinery CO.,Ltd.

      Infusion production line

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      • Plastic Ampoule Blow-Fill-Seal Monoblock Machine
      • Fully Automatic Light Inspecting Machine
      • Inverted Vertical soft bag one-step bottle blowing machines
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      Model BSY600 series high speed glass bottle I.V. Infusion solution automatic production line

      • Introduction
      • Specs
      • Samples
      • Video
      ● Main use:
      Across the board by QJB600 ultrasonic bottle washer, GCF600 filling stoppering machine, FGL600 capping machine. The the the SSP600 bottle machine can also be configured, SXP600 unloading bottles machine, SDJ600 lamp inspection machine, TNZ300 linear labeling machine, DSW300 heat shrink film packaging machine, KJ sealing machine and other auxiliary units. Unscrambler can be done automatically, bottle, bottle inner and outer surface rough cleaning, filling, tamponade, the rationale for cover, capping lose bottles process, auxiliary equipment can be completed on the bottle, unloading bottles, light inspection, labeling, packaging, etc. processes.
      The the bottle conveying orbit the host corresponding partially filled with a buffer platform or lengthened to ensure the ultra-high-speed state smoothly.
      Into the bottle using the world's first continuous ultrasonic bottle washer nozzle is inserted into the mouth of the bottle within synchronous tracking Flush patented technology. In the case of the same output, the volume of the machine can be reduced doubled to improve the flushing effect and stability, water consumption is reduced by 50% or more, completely solve the difficult alignment problems of bottle the small mouth rinse process, thereby production of products such as large infusion of small mouth infusion bottles, reducing packaging costs.
      Filling the constant continuous filling patented technology, high precision filling, large production capacity. And realized no bottle no filling, cleaning-in-place and the reign of the sterilization function. Comply with the GMP requirements.
      Capping machine uses a vacuum to take cover patented technology, to solve the problem of hanging cover high-speed operation, unreliable, and reduce the loss.
      Reprovision on unloading bottle machine using the latest patented technology, push the bottle faster and does not pour bottles, a high degree of automation.
      Across the board of versatility, replacement specifications very convenient.
      ● Technical Parameters:
      Suitable material: : 36000bottle/hour
      Water consumption / pressure: commonly used in water 200 ml / bottle
                                                               Deionized water 260 ml / bottle
                                                               Distilled water and 125 ml / bottle / 0.2 MPa
      Steam consumption: 200 kg / h
      Electricity consumption: 37KW 380V 50Hz
      Machine weight: 20,000 kg (bottle washing machine, filling sese machine, capping machine)
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